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In April I took a trip to Denver, Colorado for the weekend. Often my trips take place over the weekend, so I don’t have to miss too much during the work week. When I’m planning these short trips I ask friends who have spent an extended time in the location for recommendations. But I also always turn to Pinterest! 

Day 1: Hiking in Colorado

The first full day in Denver we spent hiking outside of Downtown. We wanted to explore the mountains and beautiful nature that Colorado has to offer. The mountains are awe-inspiring. In the morning, we went on a hike at Red Rocks which is more of a touristy area. The path we hiked was pretty easy and the red rocks were beautiful. I imagine a concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater would be a great experience. 

red rocks amphitheater

After Hiking at Red Rocks, we drove through a small town on our way to Corwina Park in Morrison, Colorado. We stopped for lunch at Red Rocks Grill, also in Morrison. That place was delicious! The staff was friendly and they answered all of our out of towner questions. Fun fact: Colorado cuisine is apparently known for it’s green pork chili. So I had a breakfast burrito smothered in green pork chili. I love trying new foods, especially foods that are specific to different cities or states.

breakfast burrito

After lunch, we made our way to Corwina Park up the hills outside of Morrison. A friend recommended that we hike there on the Panorama Point Trail. The hike was a short 2 miles, but the elevation difference got the best of me. My heart rate was high and I was out of breath. However, the end result was totally worth it!

panorama point trail views

For dinner, we went to La Loma to celebrate my boyfriend and I’s 8 year anniversary a couple weeks early. The Mexican cuisine was very authentic, and the low-lit candlelight created a very intimate vibe. On a Saturday night, the place was packed so prepare to wait or make a reservation.

Day 2: Exploring Downtown Denver

On the last full day, we wanted to explore Downtown Denver. Sunday morning you’ll want to get brunch and The Delectable Egg was a great hole in the wall restaurant. Any time I can get Eggs Benedict with gravy instead of hollandaise sauce is a good meal. The service was great, and we got there at a time where it wasn’t too crowded. 

downtown denver

After brunch we went to Larimer Square and visited the shops and experienced the area, which was highly mentioned on Pinterest. The area was highly populated, but the string lights and little shops were cute. There were plenty of places to eat in the area as well. When visiting a new area I look for bookstores and coffee shops. I didn’t stop at any coffee shops this day, but I stopped in at the Tattered Cover Bookstore. This bookstore was huge, and well organized. I love the smell of books when I walk into a bookstore, but I love organized book sections even more. After browsing, I left the bookstore with Troublemakers by Leslie Berlin.

tattered cover bookstore

Finally, to end our last full day in Denver we went to Park Burger in the Highlands. We planned on stopping at Little Man Ice Cream, but the line was extremely long. So give yourself time if you want some ice cream! Park Burger was a stumble-upon but we were so happy we did. They had delicious burgers and awesome fry options. It was tucked away in the Highlands neighborhood and so worth it. Of course, I ended our trip to Denver with a quick stop in at Novo Coffee for a latte on the way to the airport. This little coffee shop would be perfect to stay and work, but also great to pop in and go. The aesthetic was cute with happy decor.

river and trees

If I had spent more time in Denver I would have chosen to do more hiking. Colorado’s beauty shines through when you’re outside. If you’re planning a trip to Denver, I recommend dedicating a day to hiking and exploring outside. There is obviously enough in Downtown Denver to keep you happily occupied for a weekend, but rent a car and go explore the mountains. I’m counting down the time until I can go back.

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