Becoming Synopsis: Michelle Robinson grew up on the Southside of Chicago in her family’s upstairs apartment where she shared a bedroom with her brother Craig. As a child, she excelled in her courses and always sought approval from the grown-ups around her. Her determination led her to Princeton, then Harvard Law School, where she became an associate at an upscale law firm. Michelle was longing for more meaningful work. Then she met her future husband at the law firm and dramatically changed the course of her life. Michelle Obama shares the story of her childhood, early years of marriage, and the whirlwind of Barrack’s political career in this powerful and inspiring memoir. Michelle also shares behind the scenes look at life in the White House. She faced many challenges being the first African American First Lady of the United States but also changed the lives of children, especially minority girls.  

“Ma’am… your life is about to change forever”

My thoughts: Michelle Obama breaks down her life in three sections, becoming me, becoming us, becoming more. It’s a longer read, but Michelle’s personality and sense of humor shine through in her writing. As someone who grew up with Obama as President, and adored him, this book is a unique opportunity to see their story unfold through the First Lady’s eyes. I found myself laughing at many parts of her story, especially the irony of her husband running for President even though she didn’t want him to ….(for hopes and fear that he might lose the race). Becoming is a well-written memoir of Michelle Obama’s life that highlights her childhood, her passions, and her drive to improve the lives of African American women and men. Michelle went further than her First Lady duties to improve the nation’s childhood obesity epidemic. Her passion for her own children and in general is highlighted throughout her story. Becoming is an inspiring story of one woman’s journey, overcoming bias in all aspects of her life, to shine through and become a beacon of hope to all women.

“I felt sometimes like a swan on a lake, knowing that my job was in part to glide and appear serene, while underwater I never stopped pedaling my legs”

Conclusion: Michelle Obama is an inspiring and influential woman. I highly recommend everyone read this authentic story of her life. I don’t feel that this book plays too heavy in politicals. Rather, Michelle shares her honest experience and feelings about her life. This included situations where political adversaries went out of their way to disrupt (and in some cases put in danger) her family’s life. This memoir shows that Michelle is human, just like us. Becoming is an honest, real look into the White House. We get to see the other side of the President’s life that we often don’t get to. I recommend this book for you to see Michelle Obama for who she is. A caring, passionate woman who had opportunities she never dreamed of. A woman who used her platform to lift up other girls of color and showed them their potential. Someone who spent 8 years caring for the nation’s children. 

My Rating: 5/5

4 thoughts on “Becoming by Michelle Obama | Review

  1. Yes! As a huge Obama fan I was extremely interested in learning more about Michelle Obama as a person. As First Lady she was essentially flawless and I remember thinking, “I can’t wait until they are out of the White House so she can truly show herself in an unapologetic and unpolitical way.” I loved the way she broke down the book seamlessly flowing from one period to the next. I walked away from this book with not only a new view of the Obama’s but also a renewed respect for the responsibilities of the First Lady. Definitely a 5/5 situation!

    1. I completely agree this was a great look into the workings of the Obama White House. She writes her story so well, with so much feeling. I’m glad you felt the same about Becoming!

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